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The Film-Director's Statement

“The shooting of the film Edda Tudor was a very exciting, yet a very daunting journey for me for three main reasons. First, it was my directorial debut; second, there was limited budget; and third, I am a female director. Despite all these obstacles, the tremendous support received from everyone involved in this project helped to make the vision of the film come true. 


My intention was to create a film which has a unique storyline, and which is different from what we often see in cinemas. Nowadays, you find lots of action, thriller, horror, comedy and scientific movies, but it is quite rare to find movies which examine the human condition or address the themes of the psychic mind in an authentic manner. 


The idea of EDDA TUDOR is slightly connected with spirituality and the concept of unconditional love. This film portrays how a man’s spiritual belief system affects how he sees the world and how he interprets circumstances around him. It explores the human imperfections and the thin line between good and evil. It looks at how internal and external factors can influence and change the human condition for better or for worse. It’s a story about sibling rivalry gone awry and a sister’s struggle to save what is left of the sibling’s bond and love which she once shared with her brother.” 

–Grace Denker

Screenplay-Writer and Award-Winning Film Director 

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